Keeping up with Tiny Titans

The complex children who take us to places we would never dare to go alone become our opportunity to grow and change and transform as a better person and team.

Reach Out for Help

We search hard to find the most amazing people and organizations to help our kids. We offer online parenting support. We are all in this together.

Learn More About "Letter" Soup

Mackie just told us that it can't be "Alphabet Soup because it is all mixed up..." ADHD, ADD, ASD, FASD, OCD, SID, Tourettes and a whole love more. We hunt for the best of the best!

Adversity is a gift...
without it we would not know
We have been blessed.

In 1989, the Yurcek's sixth child, Becca was born with a rare genetic disorder, (Noonan's Syndrome) and while she struggled to survive, her family tumbled into poverty. God's hand was upon this journey and many miracles transpired for this hard-working family. Becca gained strength and is now an adult. In the spirit of giving back, the family reached out and adopted a family of five, each child undiagnosed with hidden disorders that emerged as they shared their lives. Recently, a "Tiny Surprise" has been added, (their third time around kid), Mac, who with his Red Shoes has taken on the world to build awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Mac is a miracle child not a problem child.


A worried mother does better research than the FBI and CIA

Ann Yurcek shares, moms and dads don't want to research, they don't want to fight, but as the parents we never ever-ever give up because these are our kids!