Our Approach

Play Hard. Work Fun. Open your mind. Together we will soar. We believe in transformation of families with leadership that is in line with the wholeness of each person. That honest understanding of a person’s strengths can be worked with to succeed. A “missed step” is an opportunity to learn to try something different.

Our Story

We are two detective moms with a pack of kids and animals that joined forces in 2003. We both believed in H.O.P.E. – Helping Other Parents be Empowered.

Meet the Team

We built our team from the wisdom of our children:

Becca’s shares, “To never ever ever give up.”
Liz shares, “I can’t be disabled if I am born like that! I just am!”

Mackie showed us that what we have learned can be combined and duplicated and implemented early to change lives.

Ann Yurcek

Founder & CEO

That means “Chief Experiential Observer” Ann’s life has been dedicated to parenting and her mission is to work with extraordinary children and their families.

Jodee Kulp


Jodee brings her entrepreneurial and faith based spirit to create ideas that bring hope to parents of individuals with ongoing life challenges.



I’m possible! Big things come in small package. What others told us could not be done, the “instigator” has proven “Oh yes, I can do it. Try me!”

Next Steps…

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