FASD: Launching Red Shoes Rock

Start the Conversation, FASD Red Shoes Rock

FASD is hidden no more. We have been very busy planning for this years 2018 Red Shoes Rock International FASD campaign. The Red Shoes Rock runs from June 1 ending on September 9, International FASD Awareness Day. Parenting Complex Children will be partnering with others to Educate, Advocate and Raise awareness about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.

Five years ago RJ Formanek had a brilliant idea to rock his red shoes to spark a conversation about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. There is much written about stopping FASD, but little knowledge and funding is going to support those who struggle with FASD.

Through Red Shoes Rock we hope that we can spread the word and Start the Conversation worldwide and find support and stop the stigma. Mackie has been rocking his Red Shoes and spreading the word and with RJ together they are off and running. Mackie is getting quite a geography lesson this year.

Stay tuned… Where in the World is Mackie and Furry and their Red Shoes?

Mackie and Furry and their Red Shoes were seen in 65 countries and 45 languages.  For a little guy and his emotional support penguin that is a lot of people who read and visited our Red Shoes Rock campaign.   Partnering with Jodee Kulp and Better Endings and Our Sacred Breath blog and with RJ and Mackie and Adults and families living with FASD we are stepping out in our Red Shoes!  Mackie and Furry even had their own walk in their Red Shoes joined by his friends and family on Fetal Alcohol Awareness Day at 9:09 am as the bells rang.

Learn more about FASD

What can you do to help?

  1. Head on over to Red Shoes Rock and sign up for our newsletter.
  2. Follow Parenting Complex Children’s Facebook page and share graphics and posts.
  3. Rock your Red Shoes and Start the Conversation educating others about FASD.


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